BESIII RUN Information
BESIII RUN Information
Developer: chenml
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Search Condition Help
Run Number: (and)
Run Type: (and)
Start Time:Year Month Day (and)
End Time:Year Month Day (and)
Total Time > (and)
Events Number > (and)

You can select one or several conditions to search the run information which you interested.
For the innormally finished run, the 'End Time' and 'Total Time' and 'Events Number' will be
incorrect in the record which note the 'END' run or the record will be lost.

In the result, the config_id and trgtable_id and calib_ped_id will be showed in link mode.
Clicking the value of config_id, the search page of Configuration which the runnumber is defined will be showed to you.
Clicking the value of trgtable_id, the corresponding trigger conditions will be showed.
Clicking the value of calib_ped_id, the runnumber of calibration or PED which each subsystem used.